Vapour recovery systems

Vapour Recovery Units (VRU) for the recovery of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in truck, rail, marine and tank breathing applications.

Our skid-mounted Vapour Recovery Units (VRU) excel in recovering Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) within truck, rail, marine, and tank breathing applications, offering a sustainable solution that aligns with stringent environmental legislation.

With three decades of expertise in vapour recovery, our systems boast unique and patented features that set industry standards.

These features include auto-tuned vent and regeneration valves, safeguarding vacuum pumps and carbon for extended longevity. The return pump variable frequency drive level control prevents gasoline spills, ensuring operational safety. Our self-cleaning absorber tower, equipped with a dished head bottom, eliminates the need for confined space entry during maintenance. A user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides complete control over all components, allowing for seamless operation, while remote web access facilitates troubleshooting, minimising downtime.

The skid-mounted system, shipped in four major parts, streamlines installation, with components pre-mounted and wired from the factory to skid-mounted junction boxes. Designed for accessibility, ease of maintenance, and system checks, our VRU system adheres to Subpart BBBBBB regulations with a dedicated reporting package. Its compact footprint reduces civil installation costs, and with the lowest industry energy consumption—averaging a 50% reduction compared to competitors—it ensures both economic and environmental efficiency. With a proven track record passing Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) reviews by major global oil companies, our robust design offers a quick return on investment, resulting in immediate profit increases.

Basic Operation of a VRU 

A basic vapour recovery unit system comprises a pressure swing absorption (PSA) process with two activated carbon bed vessels, alternating on a 15 minute time cycle.

Regeneration of the carbon reactors is accomplished primarily by vessel evacuation with a vacuum pump to a pressure level of-27 Hg (3 Hg absolute) and secondly, with ambient air purge into the bed in a controlled manner during the last 25% of the regeneration cycle.

The VOCs desorbed from the carbon during reactor regeneration are effectively recovered in a single step process that is absorption in a packed tower, counter current flow, absorber. Supply tank absorbent is pumped on skid for use as lean oil in the absorber and as a heat exchange fluid for the vacuum pump.

All product recovered by the system is pumped back to the absorbent supply tank mentioned. Here the enriched recovered liquid product is allowed to disperse throughout the supply tank environment.

We offer both the dry vacuum pump regeneration system as well as the liquid ring regeneration system.

VRU Features

Using their many years field service experience, Flotech have engineered their systems to incorporate unique design features that exceed industry needs – these include:

  • Patented auto tuned vent and regeneration valves to protect vacuum pumps and carbon; increasing the life of the carbon.
  • Patented return pump variable frequency drive level control to prevent gasoline spills.
  • Self cleaning absorber tower with dished head bottom to eliminate confined space entry.
  • Complete HMI control of all components and set points to allow for ease of operation.
  • Remote web access for troubleshooting to reduce downtime.
  • Historical trending of all VRU parameters and alarms.
  • Skid mounted system; shipped and installed in four major parts.
  • All components mounted and completely wired from the factory to skid mounted junction boxes.
  • Skid and components designed for easy accessibility for maintenance and system checks.
  • Reporting package specifically designed to meet Subpart BBBBBB regulations.
  • Smallest industry footprint allows for reduced civil installation cost.
  • Lowest industry energy consumption; reduces energy consumption on average 50% over competitive models.
  • Typical return on investment less than 1 year; providing a quick payback and immediate profit increase.
  • Robust design proven to pass HAZOP reviews by major oil companies globally.

Added value


We have over 30 years of experience in the design and engineering of VRU.


Access to our state-of-the-art testing facility.


Our platforms, cages and safety gates meet all necessary regulations.


The number and calibre of our customers and our reputation sets us apart.


We are sole UK distributors for the RollaStep range.

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