Modular access solutions

Prefabricated metal stairs and industrial work platforms.

We help organisations to protect their employees when they are working at height, with prefabricated metal stairs and industrial work platforms from ErectaStep.

ErectaStep’s modular, lightweight designs simply bolt together without the need for any heavy lifting equipment.

This means they can be assembled quickly and are easily adapted to suit any changes on site, keeping employers compliant at all times.

  • Ready to assemble - Using just five components, the modular design can be quickly assembled and requires no fabrication.
  • Reusable - ErectaStep industrial platform and stair systems are easily moved and reconfigured into unlimited, expandable safety solutions.
  • Always safe - OSHA compliance is built into every one of ErectaStep’s products, lowering your risk of ownership, increasing your productivity and helping you make safety a priority.
  • Long life of service - Precision manufactured out of powder-coated aluminium, ErectaStep stairs and platform systems are durable and long lasting, which means fewer maintenance costs over time.

ErectaStep has 5 main components which bolt together quickly and easily to build a multitude of configurations for safe access over pipes, dyke walls and other obstructions.

Added value


No heavy lifting or specialist equipment required.


Installed on site by our experts.


Build unlimited configurations.

Site visit

We’ll carry out a site visit to understand exactly what you need.


No exposure to potentially dangerous additives.

Modular platform 

  • 914mm x 914mm aluminium work platform connects with additional platforms. 
  • Universal design on all four sides for application adaptability.
  • Lightweight, yet durable design for easy installation .
  • In-stock design means you can install your project within days.
  • Aggressive, self-draining tread.

Platform handrail

Aluminium platform handrails are available in both fixed and removable options.

  • Precision built using 2″, high-grade aluminium tubing that won’t rust.
  • Can be easily attached to any side of the platform.
  • Lightweight yet durable construction.
  • Powder-coated in ANSI yellow for extra durability and longer service life.
  • Prefabricated handrails in stock and ready to ship.
  • Easy installation.

Stair units

Prefabricated metal stairs are EN standards-compliant and available with 1 – 11 steps (457mm – 2,742mm).

  • Constructed entirely from heavy-duty aluminium for strength and durability.
  • 26″ inside width walk surface.
  • Heights up to 4.5m available (and all are in-stock).
  • Slip-resistant stamped aluminium treads.
  • ANSI yellow handrail and midrail for high visibility and safety.
  • Sturdy 2″ diameter round handrail for smooth grabbing surface.
  • Additional top handrail to transition to platform handrail height.

Tower support

Metal platform tower supports carry the weight of the work platform and the workers on it with ease.

  • Available with 1 – 11 steps (457mm – 2,742mm).
  • Tower supports can bolt to any side of industrial stair or access platform regardless of stair location.
  • Can span two work platforms.
  • Standard heights up to 4.5m.


The vertical aluminium ladders provide alternate access and egress for areas with spatial constraints.

  • Available in 11 sizes (457mm – 2,742mm).
  • Bolts to the bottom of any ErectaStep platform.
  • Handrails powder-coated in ANSI yellow for added visibility and durability.
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty aluminium construction.
  • Laser technology reduces weld points.

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