Fixed access and loading platforms

Designing and manufacturing a broad range of fixed-access safety systems and loading platforms.

We design and manufacture a broad range of fixed-access safety systems and loading platforms for any organisation that has employees working at height.

Our solutions allow you to protect your workers and comply with the requirements of the HSE, your insurers and stakeholders.

With 200 years of collective experience in mechanical engineering to draw on, our experts are well-placed to engineer a platform that meets your specific needs.

  • Modular components are held in stock so delivery and installation can be completed fast and with minimal disruption.
  • Safe, ergonomic and efficient.
  • Engineered with fewer parts and welds for a longer-lasting, lower-maintenance solution.
  • Many options and sizes available to suit any application.

Whether you require access to a single tanker manway or need a platform that can run the length of 20 rail wagons, we can engineer, manufacture and install a solution.

We are experts in tanker loading systems, and can integrate loading arms, vapour recovery, overfill protection and grounding into a solution. We also offer a range of other options from stairs, gangways, ramps and handrails to canopies, operator shelters, lighting and safety interlocks.

We use components manufactured by SafeRack, delivered to site in modular form and installed by our team.

Added value


200 years collective experience in mechanical engineering.


Fast and accurate design using Solidworks CAD design suite.


In-house welding and fabrication.


We are UK Distributors for market-leader SafeRack.


On-site visits develop the system that’s right for you.

Single pedestal platform

Installations typically have a single pedestal platform, stairway, and access gangway with safety cages. They provide safe access and fall protection to tanker tops with a small footprint such as single-dome tank/bulk trucks, tank railcars, and hopper railcars – particularly useful when space or pipework constraints apply.

  • Work for both trucks and railcars.
  • Custom designed to meet your application.
  • Single or double-sided access.
  • Integrate with loading arms, fall arrest systems, grounding and bulk loading terminals.

Self adjusting stairs, gangways and ramps

SafeRack manufactures a wide range of self-adjusting stairs, gangways and ramps which allow the user to safely travel from the access platform to the top of a tanker or wagon. We also supply SafeRack’s specialist range of gangways and cages for the cement and aggregate industries.

  • Designed to accommodate varying heights of vehicles.
  • One-piece stair design means welds are reduced and failures are virtually eliminated.
  • Spring counterbalance makes it easy to use.
  • Can be easily retrofitted to replace old, unsafe gangways.
  • Powered lift & lower system improves ergonomics for healthier employees and a safer workplace.
  • Positive locking system in any position protects drivers and operators automatically.
  • Factory installed, pre-set, and calibrated for fast and easy installation.

Tracking Gangway Systems

These versatile systems feature folding stairs with safety cages that can slide horizontally along a track the length of the tanker or railcar. This allows workers to open swing gates anywhere along the track, safely accessing multiple hatches and vehicles from a single platform and saving time and money.

  • Easy to use and ideal for specialized applications.
  • Single or multiple gangways can be used on the same track.
  • Multiple cages can also be added to allow multiple workers to address tankers with multiple ports at the same time.
  • Tracking carriages designed for easy tracking.
  • No need to re-spot trucks.
  • Reliable, durable, and corrosion resistant.
  • Wing panels that move with gangways.
  • Can be retrofitted to existing loading racks.

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