Mobile access solutions

Fixed and height-adjustable rolling stairs and mobile platforms.

We help organisations to ensure the safety of employees working off the ground and reduce the chance of falls. We do this through our range of fixed and height-adjustable rolling stairs and mobile platforms, which eliminates the use of ladders when accessing vehicle hatch areas and other elevated spaces.

As sole UK distributors for the RollaStep range, we can provide four standard pre-fabricated models which can be customised to suit specific applications or work with the factory to design bespoke platforms according to your needs.

We also provide lightweight, easy-to-manoeuvre, highly portable access stairs and platforms including SafeRack’s MAUI Mobile Access Unit. Made to last using quality materials, it works with rail wagons, road tankers and virtually any other plant or machinery at height to boost safety and ensure compliance, without compromising productivity.

  • RollaStep rolling stairs and mobile work platforms come in a range of sizes.
  • Modular solutions are shipped in parts to reduce freight cost.
  • Robust yet lightweight aluminium construction.
  • Easy for a single operator to use and manoeuvre.


RollaStep rolling stairs and mobile work platforms have the stability of fixed stairs and work for almost any application.

There are four standard configurations:

Cantilever rolling stairs (C Series)

  • Gets operators above and on (or even over) railcars, tank trucks and other tall industrial machinery.
  • Large 1.2m work platform provides plenty of space for an operator, parts and tools.
  • Self-supporting work platform extends 700mm beyond the base eliminating contact with the equipment being serviced.
  • Steel base provides exceptional counter balance.
  • Lightweight aluminium upper body provides single user operability.
  • 360° swivel castors provide perpendicular or parallel movement allowing easy positioning.
  • Large no-flat tyres lock for stability and are suitable on a variety of surfaces including rough ground.
  • Forklift pockets can be provided to allow quick relocation.
  • Available in 5 models ranging from 8 to 12 steps.
  • Platform and steps feature coarse, self-draining tread to provide safe, all-weather access in both rain and snow and reduce ice build up.

Mobile work platforms (MP Series)

With large no-flat wheels and locking castors, the MP Series brings the workspace and stability of a fixed platform to a rolling stair mobile unit.

  • Large 2.7m x 0.9m work platform can safely accommodate multiple operators at once.
  • Full size 45° stair allows easy access.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction provides single user manoeuvrability.
  • Optional removable handrails slide securely into pockets mounted to the platform face without tools, allowing operators to reconfigure the platform in the field.
  • Available in 6 models ranging from 2 to 7 steps.

Tilt and roll platforms (TR Series)

Brings a new level of safety to warehousing and loading and unloading tasks.

  • Large 0.5m2 work platform.
  • Lightweight aluminium frame and unique side-rolling castors allow a single operator to manoeuvre the platform into position with ease.
  • Full toe board prevents slips and tool drops.
  • Full-length, full-size handrails provide safe operation from height.
  • Sturdy aluminium construction supports a 300lb load limit without sacrificing mobility.
  • Aggressive non-slip surface and extra-wide non-slip tread.
  • Durable, protective powder-coated finish.
  • Available in 5 models ranging from 1 to 5 steps.

Self-levelling stairs (G Series)

The G Series is an adjustable height, self-levelling platform. The various height settings allow operators to work at the correct height for the job, in multiple locations with a single platform.

  • Wide steps and 0.5m2 platform self-level to present a safe walk and work surface throughout its working range.
  • Wide steel base provides excellent stability.
  • Each platform features a full toe board to prevent slips and tool misplacement.
  • Aluminium upper is built to last, both indoors and out.
  • Unyielding, self-draining tread is featured on all platforms and steps to provide all-weather access in both rain and snow and reduce ice build-up.
  • Platform raises and lowers in 80mm increments assisted by 2 gas springs and a central locking pin, allowing a single operator to raise and lower with minimal force.
  • Lightweight and high-quality 360° swivelling castors allow easy and precise positioning around sensitive equipment.
  • Available in 4 models ranging from 7 to 10 steps.

MAUI mobile access unit 

SafeRack’s MAUI unit is a complete mobile access solution for railcars and tanker trucks. It consists of a hot-dipped, galvanised steel base with solid steel counterweight, and a lightweight aluminium ladder and safety cage.

An integrated adjustable winch allows the work platform and ladder to be raised and lowered as required while the telescopic ladder is available in two sizes (3m to 4.2m or 3.6m to 4.8m) to fit multiple heights and applications. Despite being easy to adjust, the base of the rolling platform is exceptionally stable so the MAUI doesn’t need to rest on the vehicle.

Additional features include:

  • Large 16” no-flat tyres are low maintenance and allow for enhanced manoeuvrability on uneven surfaces.
  • Wheels can be configured in the field to suit either parallel or perpendicular orientations, the only model on the market with this capability.
  • Stainless steel locks to secure ladder in position.
  • 4-rail safety cage raises handrail height to 1m.
  • Slip-resistant walk surface on steps and platform.
  • Available in perpendicular configuration for easy spotting or parallel configuration for increased manoeuvrability.
  • Tow handle with locking brake.
  • Load tested for 227kg capacity.
  • Optional battery-powered mover unit.

Added value


Pre-fabricated models can be installed quickly and easily.


We are sole UK distributors for the RollaStep range.


We offer inspection, maintenance and repair services for tanker loading and access systems from all manufacturers.


We have 200 years collective experience in mechanical engineering.


No exposure to potentially dangerous additives.

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