At Flotech, we redefine operational excellence across several industries, offering expert consultancy, installation, and maintenance services.

Our mission is to minimise operational downtime, mitigate environmental impact, and safeguard your assets, allowing you to concentrate on nurturing client relationships and achieving your business goals.

Oil and gas

In the oil and gas sector, Flotech excels at maintaining ageing infrastructure while strategically managing environmental risks. Our solutions aim to reduce operational downtime, ensuring a seamless flow in production processes.


For the defence industry, Flotech specialises in maintaining both new and ageing assets with strict compliance standards. We align our services with your sustainability goals, providing comprehensive solutions that prioritise efficiency and compliance.


In the logistics sector, Flotech is your partner in reducing downtime, ensuring unwavering environmental compliance, and supporting your decarbonisation ambitions. Our tailored solutions contribute to the smooth functioning of logistics operations.


Working closely with pharmaceutical companies, Flotech addresses some of the industry's most significant challenges related to assets. Our solutions are designed to enhance efficiency, compliance, and overall asset management in the pharmaceutical sector.


Flotech plays a crucial role in managing and maintaining essential infrastructure supporting the production and trade of petrochemicals. Our solutions ensure compliance, reliability, and optimal functionality in the petrochemical industry.


In the water sector, Flotech offers consultative asset management, installation, and maintenance services. Our expertise contributes to the efficient and sustainable management of water-related assets.


For the aviation industry, Flotech provides solutions to maintain ageing assets, install new fuel infrastructure, and manage environmental considerations. Our services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of the aviation sector, ensuring operational continuity.

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Our experts are available to advise, support, and assist with any issues relating to your storage tanks and liquid process infrastructure ensuring you have a safe site, prevent any pollution, and remain operational.

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