Bespoke engineered installation solutions

Tailored services to accommodate both unique and standardised solutions.

Recognising the distinct nature of each project, we specialise in tailoring our installation services to accommodate both unique and standardised solutions.

Our approach offers adaptability to meet your specific requirements, delivering bespoke solutions for your infrastructure needs. Beyond tanks and pipework, our expertise extends to seamlessly integrating various components such as pumps, gauges, and alarms. This ensures the cohesive operation of your infrastructure, creating an efficient and unified system.

Safety and precision

Your project will be managed and installed by our team of highly qualified hazardous electrical engineers, approved by VAREC and NICEIC, and holding DNV and Class 7 CompEx qualifications. From overseeing fabrication to executing the installation of your customised project, our experts bring precision and compliance to every phase.

Safety is our top priority, especially in hazardous environments. Our certified hazardous electrical engineers are dedicated to prioritising safety in every aspect of your installation. Their expertise guarantees that electrical systems meet the highest safety standards, providing assurance in potentially high-risk areas.

Here to help with seamless delivery and management of your next process industry project.

Our experts are available to advise, support, and assist with any issues relating to your storage tanks and liquid process infrastructure ensuring you have a safe site, prevent any pollution, and remain operational.

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