Pipework maintenance

Ensuring the cleanliness and integrity of your pipelines.

Pipe maintenance

We excel in delivering comprehensive services for pipeline maintenance, encompassing commissioning, decontamination, cleaning, and inspection for pipeline, process pipework, and pipe coil solutions. Our expertise extends to turnkey services, ensuring the cleanliness and integrity of customer pipelines.

The longevity of your operation hinges on the meticulous care of your pipelines. System failures or catastrophic events resulting in spills and environmental pollution can be avoided through proactive maintenance. We are committed to implementing industry-leading standards, adhering to the PDAM – Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual, to address issues such as corrosion, gouges, and dents.

Pigging excellence

Pigging stands as a crucial element in flow assurance, employing pipeline pigs to purge, clean, and inspect pipelines for optimal operational performance. We specialise in turnkey solutions, particularly for challenging and un-piggable pipelines and blocked ducts. Our internal cleaning regimes ensure maximum throughput and guarantee cleanliness, essential for inline inspection with a focus on data quality and efficiency.

Our pigging solutions encompass a comprehensive approach, combining pigging with chemical, high-pressure, and ultra-high-pressure jetting. This strategy ensures the complete removal of hard scales, waxes, and other deposits, delivering desirable results with minimal downtime.

Cathodic corrosion

Protection to safeguard metallic assets like pipelines from leaks and corrosion caused by contact with sea, ground water, and rivers, we exceed in cathodic corrosion protection. Our expertise extends to the application of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP), Sacrificial Anode Systems, and surge prevention, mitigating the risk of contaminated fuel or pollution.

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Our experts are available to advise, support, and assist with any issues relating to your storage tanks and liquid process infrastructure ensuring you have a safe site, prevent any pollution, and remain operational.

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