Advanced coatings

Hydrophobic and super hydrophobic coatings to prevent corrosion, build-up of dirt and contamination on virtually any surface.

We are the UK distributors for GENTOO and Ultra-Ever Dry (UED), advanced hydrophobic and super hydrophobic coatings that can be applied to virtually anything to repel liquids and withstand abrasion.

The nano-coatings protect equipment, tools, buildings and other surfaces from corrosion, built-up of dirt, and contamination, helping to save money, improve safety and create a cleaner work environment.

We are at the forefront of driving this technology into commercial applications.

GENTOO hydrophobic coating 

GENTOO is a dense polymer system that forms a barrier against corrosion initiators. This is due to its low surface energy, high density, and low porosity. The system is conformal, pinhole free, and very thin (4-6 microns) compared with traditional polymer coatings but far denser and more durable. The higher density of the system provides an excellent barrier to water and corrosive ions.

It has a number of benefits:

Adhesion and durability

GENTOO has robust adhesion to painted, plated, and bare metallic substrates, as well as glass and surface primed plastics. The coating has demonstrated excellent resistance to salt spray, UV exposure, and chemical exposure – significant improvements over traditional hydrophobic coatings. Testing and technical data is available upon request.

Corrosion resistance

When used on top of other qualified systems, GENTOO further reduces corrosion and extends the lifetime of the barrier system and therefore the coated substrate. This is due to its excellent water and salt shedding properties and impact resistance. These properties also significantly reduce the effects of galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals.

Easy cleaning

The low sliding angle combined with the high dirt and solvent resistance of the coating allows for easy cleaning of many surfaces with less water.


Ultra-Ever Dry (UED) Super hydrophobic coating

UED uses proprietary omniphobic technology to coat a surface with patterns of geometric shapes that have “peaks” or “high points”.  These high points repel water, some oils, wet concrete, and other liquids unlike any other coating.

UED has vastly improved adhesion and abrasion resistance, compared to previous super hydrophobic technologies, allowing it to be used in applications where greater durability is required.

It has a number of benefits:


The superhydrophobic coating keeps objects dry - water and many other liquids are easily repelled.


UED offers enhanced corrosion protection since the superhydrophobic coating repels water, saltwater, aqueous acids and bases.


The superhydrophobic properties of UED keep coated materials completely dry, eliminating the formation of ice or, in the case of frost, making the removal of ice dramatically easier.


Water and other liquids that contain bacteria or radiation never actually contact the surface of the coated material so bacteria and radiation is greatly diminished or eliminated and the surface is easy to decontaminate.  Dust and dirt are easily removed with low pressure water.


UED repels dirty water and some oils, and remains clean and virtually bacteria-free.  When dust, dirt or other molecules accumulate on a superhydrophobic coated surface, a light spray of water or a blast of air grabs the dust and removes it.

Product life-extending  

Many products fail from moisture, water, oil or simply getting too dirty for continued use.  Use UED superhydrophobic coating to extend the life of electric motors by preventing the build up of moisture on the windings, coat nuts and bolts to prevent corrosion, coat tools, equipment, and virtually any item that needs to be kept dry, corrosion free, de-iced, uncontaminated or clean.

Commercial applications 

Some of the many ways that Ultra-Ever Dry can be used: 

  • Clothing - Boots, footwear & PPE .
  • Building material - Bricks, cinder/breeze blocks, concrete, timber, roofing materials.
  • Electronics - Printed circuit boards, connectors, housings, motors.
  • Tools, Equipment and hardwear.
  • Vehicles - Cement trucks, lorries, loadbeds.
  • General corrosion prevention.
  • General protection from acids/bases.


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