When used within Vapour Recovery Units, common commercial glycols cause long term issues such as clogging, blocking and corrosion. This is because the chemical makeup of most commercial glycols is formulated for its primary use as an anti-freeze in motor vehicles. Most of these formulations contain meta-silicates intended to prevent corrosion of aluminium components. When used in VRU operation, these silicates drop out of the solution and contaminate the seal system causing blockages and component damage.

In addition, commercial glycols by nature tend to break down in the VRU circulation system and form gels. These gels coagulate in parts of the seal system, blocking filters and coating the internal surfaces of the pipes and vessels – ultimately increasing VRU downtime and high maintenance costs.

At Flotech, we have drawn upon our 20 years’ experience in servicing VRU’s to develop FLOSEAL – the most advanced Vapour Recovery Sealing Fluid on the market.

FLOSEAL is formulated using a unique blend of additives specially developed for use in Carbon Bed VRU vacuum pump seal systems – key components include; steel corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants, anti-foam, pH stabilising and biocide additives.

The additives within FLOSEAL actively prevent gel formulation and in cases where heavy glycol consumption is experienced, changing to FLOSEAL has resulted in a reduction in seal liquid consumption.

Additional benefits of FLOSEAL include;

img-green-tick1  Reduces gelling, corrosion, foaming and biocide activity

img-green-tick1  Is coloured for better visibility through sight glasses but can be provided clear upon request

img-green-tick1  Drums can be recycled reducing cost for disposal for users

img-green-tick1  Supplied in 200 litre drums or 1000 litre IBCs


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