The NEW Emco Wheaton J0452 with Integrated Pump is like no other API Coupler… here’s why

If you use API Couplers you will know that they all suffer from the same problem, a problem that until now operators have grown to accept. Each time you uncouple, the small amount of product which is lost during poppet closure sits in the collar of the coupler. As the coupler is withdrawn and stowed, this product drips from the coupler onto the ground between tanker and gantry creating a slippery and unsafe working area. Until now, this has been commonly accepted as par for the course.

The J0452 with Integrated Pump overcomes this problem through some very clever design. Each time you uncouple, surplus product is drawn from the face of the coupler, through a filter and into a an integrated chamber. The next time you attached the coupler, the contents of the chamber are ejected back into the line. A simple and effective solution to a common problem.

FlotechPS have a number of these out on trial with customers and the initial results are very pleasing. If you are interested in seeing this new technology in action then get in touch and we will be happy to give you a demo.