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Stadis Dissipation Additive Injection Skids for UK Fuel Terminal

When rapid fuel flow rates are combined with highly refined low-sulphur fuels, electrostatic charge can quickly build up.

Slow dissipation can be a potential hazard, as a discharge from an electrically charged fuel to the side of the tank can ignite the fuel vapor, causing an explosion.

This is particularly a problem with aviation fuel which is why Static Dissipation Additive (SDA) Injection Skids are becoming one of our most popular export skid solutions.

We’ve been pleased to help clients who’ve found themselves needing to proportionally inject Static Dissipation Additive’s such as STADIS® 450 into free flowing pipelines that carry jet fuel or diesel.

The solutions we deliver are typically tailored to each customer’s specific project requirements. Such systems typically include but are not limited to additive storage, additive pressurisation & a method of controlled injection of the SDA proportional to the measured flow of the main product pipeline.

The solutions are designed, built and fully flow tested at our facilities here in Fareham, Hampshire, UK before being packaged for worldwide export.

Engineered Solutions Exacting Standards

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Five Arm Loading Gantry Heads to Major UK Fuel Terminal


At Flotech Performance Systems, we provide a wide range of Engineered Products, Solutions and Services for the storage, transfer and distribution of industrial liquids and gases. Our full product range covers; Additive & Blending, Fluid Transfer, Access Solutions, Storage Tank Equipment, Advanced Coatings and Vapour Recovery.

To complement our full range of products we can also offer Site Installation, On-Site Repairs, Tank Inspection & Servicing. Please contact our sales team on 01329 835335 for further details.

On this particular application, we needed to provide a solution that was not only compliant but purpose designed to meet our clients strict application guidelines.

This five arm loading gantry system has been designed in accordance with our client’s specific requirements and includes some of the below key features:

Additive Solution

The additive system was engineered to suit the users current and future additive requirements.

Five Arm Load Controlling

We designed the loading gantry with multiple loading arms all supported with monitoring, metering and tanker access.

Bottom Loading with Vapour Recovery

Suitable for bottom loading of road tankers with API Coupler Connections. The arms can be designed to connect to side of the tanker and also cross over to suit the configuration of the tanker connections.

Ethenol Blending Skid

Additional to the loading gantry we also supplied a two stream blending skid for Ethenol

At Flotech PS, we have extensive experience in Tanker Loading, Additive Injection, Blending and Metering Solutions. Our highly skilled team are able to design, manufacture and deliver a complete solution to all your demanding application needs.

All the systems were rigorously Function, Flow and Pressure tested and all passed the FAT on the first attempt. Flotech are now preparing their service team for full on-site installation and commissioning.


Contact our Sales team with your enquiries on 01329 284145 with your enquiries now.