Flame Arresters (Deflagration)

Flame arresters are passive devices which are fitted within or at the end of a pipeline to prevent the onward travel of a flame path. They are used to contain an incident and protect high-value equipment such as vapour recovery units. An arrester prevents the propagation of flame from the exposed side of the unit to the protected side using a metal matrix called an element. An element comprises a bundle of narrow metal channels which remove heat from the flame and starve it of oxygen as it is attempts to pass through it. The diameter and length of the channels within the element will vary significantly, depending on the flammability of the gas (gas group) the arrester is designed for used with.

Deflagration flame arresters are required where a flame path does not have the potential to travel at supersonic velocities. This is dictated by the position of the arrester – specifically the length of the pipe-run between the arrester and the potential source of ignition. The physical difference between a detonation and deflagration arrester is that the latter is not designed to withstand the shock and extreme pressures that a supersonic flame path can generate. As a result, a deflagration arrester is typically smaller and lighter than a detonation arrester. Deflagration arresters can also be installed in end of line applications and under pressure/vacuum vents, something which cannot be done with a detonation arrester.

We supply and service a wide range of Deflagration Flame Arresters and will be happy to assist you with selection of a suitable device. Our Compex trained engineers are also experienced in servicing arresters made by other manufacturers.

All our Flame Arresters are;

img-green-tick1  Compliant with ISO 16852:2008

img-green-tick1  ATEX Rated

img-green-tick1  Manufactured to ISO9001

img-green-tick1  Easy to service

img-green-tick1  Cost effective


award_rosette_png_clipar_imageAll our Flame Arresters are supplied as standard with a document pack which includes; Certified Drawings, Test Certs, Welding Specs, Material Test Certs; MIL Certs & 3.1 Certs.


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