Stadis Dissipation Additive Injection Skids for UK Fuel Terminal

When rapid fuel flow rates are combined with highly refined low-sulphur fuels, electrostatic charge can quickly build up.

Slow dissipation can be a potential hazard, as a discharge from an electrically charged fuel to the side of the tank can ignite the fuel vapor, causing an explosion.

This is particularly a problem with aviation fuel which is why Static Dissipation Additive (SDA) Injection Skids are becoming one of our most popular export skid solutions.

We’ve been pleased to help clients who’ve found themselves needing to proportionally inject Static Dissipation Additive’s such as STADIS® 450 into free flowing pipelines that carry jet fuel or diesel.

The solutions we deliver are typically tailored to each customer’s specific project requirements. Such systems typically include but are not limited to additive storage, additive pressurisation & a method of controlled injection of the SDA proportional to the measured flow of the main product pipeline.

The solutions are designed, built and fully flow tested at our facilities here in Fareham, Hampshire, UK before being packaged for worldwide export.

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