Tom Sadler and Richard Harris Are Abseiling 310ft Down the Spinnaker Tower

On the 16th July, Tom and Richard of Flotech Performance Systems will teeter on the edge of a platform, 310ft up Portsmouth’s Iconic Spinnaker Tower before abseiling solo all the way to the bottom. They wont be doing this for fun, they will be doing it to raise money for an extremely worthy cause, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.


Ellen’s trust is a national organisation which supports and empowers young people aged between 8 to 24 in recovery from cancer. Trust sailing trips provide the opportunity to meet others who have experienced a similar journey and to rebuild self confidence which is vital to their long term recovery.

Trips arranged by the trust are of no cost to young people or their families and therefore they rely solely on kind donations. Sponsored events, such as Tom and Richards giant leap, help ensure the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust can continue to rebuild young people’s confidence.

Tom and Rich are delighted to be supporting the trust and proud to be flying the flag for Flotech Performance Systems. They are grateful for any sponsorship you can offer and your ongoing support.

If you would like to sponsor Tom & Rich, please click the link below or the image above.