Call it What You Will – Flotech’s Superhydrophobic Coating Is Now Being Used In 9 Major Cities

Ultra-Ever Dry, Flotech’s Superhydrophobic Coating, is used for a whole heap of applications, from waterproofing complex electronic systems to preventing corrosion of steel-work in offshore environments.

One of the most popular applications for the product is perhaps not quite so glamorous but it’s hugely effective.


At the latest count, UED is being used as a Urine-Repellent on buildings, walkways, stairwells and walls in 9 major cities. These include; Aberdeen, Chester, Cologne, Hamburg, Kingston, London, Paris, Philadelphia and San-Francisco.

Not only does the unique nature of UED prevent urine soaking into coated surfaces but it actively actively repels it, leaving the perpetrator a nasty surprise and a pair of wet shoes.


As UK Distributors for UED, we supply it to a broad range of; councils, local authorities, churches, commercial operators, residents and cleaning companies. 

We also supply UED’s sister product, GENTOO – a great Anti-grafitti product.

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