We Have Tested GENTOO and the Results Are Impressive. We Are Now Seeking UK Commercial Partners – What Could GENTOO Do For You?


Jet Canopy Test

The first commercial batch of GENTOO was released late in 2016 and as sole UK distributors of GENTOO, we have since undertaken a number of in-house application tests. We have been extremely impressed with the results and are now seeking commercial partners who may be interested in taking part in our next round of trials.






Gentoo Corporate


Key commercial applications we foresee include;

Marine – windscreens, waterproofing, electronics, deck/superstructure, anti-fouling, drag reduction

Automotive – windows, lights, body, mirrors, aerodynamics (through reduced particle build up)

Sports – bikes, boards, helmets, lenses, kayaks, general sports equipment

Civil – building materials, coverings, facias, brickwork, protection from concrete splatter

Electronics – waterproofing, corrosion protection, screen coating, speaker coating

Photographic – lenses, visors, glass

Manufacturing – multiple applications


If you have an