Gentoo Trials Update – Gentoo is Effective as Antifouling, Anti-icing & Self-Cleaning Coating

As we continue to test the NEW Gentoo Hydrophobic Coating, we keep finding new applications.

Take a look at our latest video below;


There are already hydrophobic coatings on the market but Gentoo is unique because it is resistant to abrasion, UK stable, flexible, has a 5 year+ working life and is 100% transparent – a first among hydrophobic coatings.

Gentoo is a 2 part coating which is mixed and cures much like an epoxy resin. Gentoo can be applied using a brush, roller or sprayer. You can also dip or flowcoat with Gentoo.

The coating cures rugged yet flexible so it is resistant to abrasion and does not crack if it flexes. Gentoo has a lifetime of 5 years+ depending upon conditions.

Gentoo is now available and as the sole UK distributor we are seeking industrial customers, commercial partners and distributors. 

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