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Increasingly, the HSE, Insurers and Stakeholders want to see employers doing more to protect employees when they are working at height. Within industrial loading facilities, working at height is often required during loading, unloading and when manway access is required for sampling or overfill protection.

With almost 200 years collective experience in mechanical engineering, our own Solidworks CAD design suite and in-house welding & fabrication, Flotech Performance Systems are well placed to engineer a platform that meets your specific needs. We provide a broad range of safety systems which cover all types of access; from single point access systems to extended, elevating and tracking gangways for more complex applications.

We are UK Distributors for both SafeRack & Emco Wheaton – names which are synonymous with equipment of the highest quality. As well as giving us access to the best equipment available, working closely with these organisations allows us to draw upon their experience in supplying and maintaining a global installed base.



Whether you require access to a single tanker manway or need a platform that can run the length of 20 rail wagons, we can engineer, manufacture and install a solution. As experts in tanker loading systems we can integrate loading arms, vapour recovery, overfill protection and grounding into a solution. We also offer a range of other options from stairs, gangways, ramps & handrails to canopies, operator shelters, lighting and safety interlocks.


img_1125Single Pedestal Platform – this provides safe access to tanker top with minimal footprint – particularly useful when space or pipework constraints apply.





truck-loading-gangway-with-fall-protection-and-loading-arm-12Self Adjusting Stairs, Gangways and Ramps – SafeRack manufacture a wide range of self adjusting stairs as well as gangways and ramps which allow the user to safely travel from the access platform to the top of a tanker or wagon. This type of equipment is often harshly treated in the field and all SafeRack solutions are engineered with fewer parts and less welds for a longer-lasting, lower maintenance solution. We also supply SafeRack’s specialist range of gangways and cages for the cement and aggregate industries.


img_0526Tracking Gangway Systems – have a folding stair & safety cage which can move laterally along the length of the tanker. This is be used for accessing multiple pots within a single tanker, reducing the need for accurate spotting of the trailer or when the site is working with multiple tanker designs.



elevating-handrails-system-740x516Elevating Safety Cage System – the mechanically or pneumatically operated safety cage can be positioned from tanker to tanker such that gaps are minimised and the maximum level of protection is offered. Handrails can be specified to cover a single access point or to extend the length of the truck for the flexibility to unload from multiple hatches.


elevating-safety-cage-740x516Elevating Platform – is used to prevent falls from tank trucks, railcars and isotainers where operators require access to multiple hatches or washout caps. Lightweight aluminium construction and unique design features make these systems easy to raise and lower, whilst robust engineering eliminates downtime and repair costs. Easy field adjustment of both the cage size and working heights mean the unit can be re-purposed for a variety of vehicles and loading conditions.


If you have an application we can help with please get in touch. We will contact you to discuss your enquiry and will typically arrange to meet you and visit the site to conduct a survey where appropriate.


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