FLOBLOCK Injector – Now with Dual Pulse Flow Sensor

The new FLOBLOCK Additive Injector from Flotech Performance Systems is now available with a Dual Pulse Flow Sensor. 

The unique design of the FLOBLOCK incorporates features which combined make it the most efficient and reliable injector on the market.

  • Integrated flow control valve allows fine tuning of additive flow and facilitates calibration under true process conditions for more accurate injection rates and reduced additive wastage.
  • Integral filter prevents contamination entering the meter or the solenoid.
  • Inbuilt non-return valve prevents additive contamination caused by reverse flow.
  • One-piece stainless construction & static seals ensures robust, leak-free performance.
  • Common bolting pattern and inlet / outlet positions allow direct replacement of most common injectors (adaptors are available where bolting patterns differ).
  • Optional dual pulse flow meter provides pulse redundancy to prevent unwanted shutdowns.
  • Optional stainless-steel gears and PTFE seals ensure performance across a diverse range of chemicals and additives.

FLOBLOCK is held in stock in all derivatives and supported by an extensive spares inventory and expert technical support by our UK facility.

Using the FLOCAL calibration kit (available separately), FLOBLOCK can be quickly, safely and accurately calibrated.

Based upon a product flow rate of 2400 LPM, the Standard Flow Injector is suitable for 100-3000 ppm (typical shot size of 20-200cc). The Low Flow Injector is suitable for 20-600 ppm (typical shot size of 10-40cc).

Click here to download the NEW FLOBLOCK datasheet.

For enquiries contact sales@flotechps.com or call us on +44(0)1329 284145.

WIN A Signed Team Oracle America’s Cup Polo Shirt

If you haven’t been following the America’s Cup you really should before its all over. This edition of the event, the 35th, has been the fastest and most hotly contested ever. The British entrant, Land Rover BAR, have some work to do but after this capsize from Team New Zealand yesterday they are back in the game.



At Flotech Performance Systems we are marking the event by giving away a Limited Edition Oracle Team USA Polo Shirt signed by members of the team including; Jimmy Spithill, Sam Newton, Tom Slingsby, Louis Sinclair, Kyle Langford & Joey Newton.



* For a chance to win, simply ‘like’ this LinkedIn post

* For a 2nd chance to win share the post

* For a 3rd chance to win follow Flotech Performance Systems on LinkedIn

Names will be drawn from a hat on completion of the event at the end of June. Flotech employees are excluded from the draw. Apologies we didn’t have an iron 🙂


Flotech Performance Systems are a Hampshire based designer and builder of engineering solutions for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical sectors. We have extensive experience in Tanker Loading, Additive Injection, Blending and Metering.

If you have a project we may be able to help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01329 284145 or sales@flotechps.com.




Flotech Performance Systems Static Dissipator (Stadis) Injection Skid

When rapid fuel flow rates are combined with highly refined low-sulphur fuels, electrostatic charge can quickly build up. This is a particular problem with aviation fuel which is why Static Dissipation Additives such as Stadis are employed.

When one of our customers recently found themselves needing to inject a Stadis into jet fuel, we were pleased to help.

The solution we delivered combined a 250 litre stainless steel additive tank, dual pressurising pump system and instrumentation & control package, all within a stainless steel skid-mounted bund. The solution was compact, mobile and fully integrated – as close to ‘plug & play’ as was possible.








Flotech Performance Systems are a Hampshire based designer and builder of engineering solutions for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical sectors. We have extensive experience in Tanker Loading, Additive Injection, Blending and Metering.

If you have a project we may be able to help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01329 284145 or sales@flotechps.com.



Call it What You Will – Flotech’s Superhydrophobic Coating Is Now Being Used In 9 Major Cities

Ultra-Ever Dry, Flotech’s Superhydrophobic Coating, is used for a whole heap of applications, from waterproofing complex electronic systems to preventing corrosion of steel-work in offshore environments.

One of the most popular applications for the product is perhaps not quite so glamorous but it’s hugely effective.


At the latest count, UED is being used as a Urine-Repellent on buildings, walkways, stairwells and walls in 9 major cities. These include; Aberdeen, Chester, Cologne, Hamburg, Kingston, London, Paris, Philadelphia and San-Francisco.

Not only does the unique nature of UED prevent urine soaking into coated surfaces but it actively actively repels it, leaving the perpetrator a nasty surprise and a pair of wet shoes.


As UK Distributors for UED, we supply it to a broad range of; councils, local authorities, churches, commercial operators, residents and cleaning companies. 

We also supply UED’s sister product, GENTOO – a great Anti-grafitti product.

For more information contact sales@flotechps.com.


Gentoo Trials Update – Gentoo is Effective as Antifouling, Anti-icing & Self-Cleaning Coating

As we continue to test the NEW Gentoo Hydrophobic Coating, we keep finding new applications.

Take a look at our latest video below;


There are already hydrophobic coatings on the market but Gentoo is unique because it is resistant to abrasion, UK stable, flexible, has a 5 year+ working life and is 100% transparent – a first among hydrophobic coatings.

Gentoo is a 2 part coating which is mixed and cures much like an epoxy resin. Gentoo can be applied using a brush, roller or sprayer. You can also dip or flowcoat with Gentoo.

The coating cures rugged yet flexible so it is resistant to abrasion and does not crack if it flexes. Gentoo has a lifetime of 5 years+ depending upon conditions.

Gentoo is now available and as the sole UK distributor we are seeking industrial customers, commercial partners and distributors. 

For more information contact sales@flotechps.com.


Tom Sadler and Richard Harris Are Abseiling 310ft Down the Spinnaker Tower

On the 16th July, Tom and Richard of Flotech Performance Systems will teeter on the edge of a platform, 310ft up Portsmouth’s Iconic Spinnaker Tower before abseiling solo all the way to the bottom. They wont be doing this for fun, they will be doing it to raise money for an extremely worthy cause, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.


Ellen’s trust is a national organisation which supports and empowers young people aged between 8 to 24 in recovery from cancer. Trust sailing trips provide the opportunity to meet others who have experienced a similar journey and to rebuild self confidence which is vital to their long term recovery.

Trips arranged by the trust are of no cost to young people or their families and therefore they rely solely on kind donations. Sponsored events, such as Tom and Richards giant leap, help ensure the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust can continue to rebuild young people’s confidence.

Tom and Rich are delighted to be supporting the trust and proud to be flying the flag for Flotech Performance Systems. They are grateful for any sponsorship you can offer and your ongoing support.

If you would like to sponsor Tom & Rich, please click the link below or the image above.



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