Safety Breakaway Couplers

We provide a range of safety breakaway couplers and emergency release couplers suitable for use with truck loading arms, rail loading arms, marine loading arms and hose loading applications.

Safety breakaway couplers (BAC) are installed within a loading system between the site infrastructure and the vehicle being loaded. In the event of a drive-off scenario the two halves of the coupler part and each half seals independently. Installing an BAC provides an engineered weak point which protects loading arms, hoses and gantries from damage during incidents and minimises the risk of a spill occurring. BAC’s are typically reactive, i.e. the coupler activates when placed under load as a result of break-studs shearing or a cable release being activated.

An Emergency release coupler (ERC) also comprises two halves which part and seal in the same way as a BAC however in the case of an ERC, the activation happens on demand rather than in response to an incident. ERC systems are used when the vehicle being loaded needs to be disconnected from the load point quickly and remotely – something which is often required during marine loading and transfers.

We are distributors for both KLAW and TODO, who between them offer a range which covers all road, rail and marine loading applications.


Selection & Specification

Break-stud type BACs in particular are often sold off the shelf with little regard for the application they are being used on. This creates a potentially dangerous scenario as the user is assuming that their equipment can withstand the force required to break the studs without proper consideration. A standard 350kg breakstud setting will impart significant loads on associated pipework, particularly in the use of loading-arms where long unsupported pipe runs occur.

At Flotech we help you analyse your requirement in light of current equipment selection. Only by taking into account the strength and condition of all associated pipework can you determine the correct breakstud setting for your application. It may be the case that the associated pipework will not provide a strong enough platform for a breakstud BAC and a cable release version should be considered.


If you have a requirement for a BAC or ERC please get in touch and we will be glad to help.



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