Drybreak Couplers

We are distributors for KLAW Product’s QS range of high quality dry-break couplers. The QS is build to STANAG3756 so it is compatible with tank units from TODO, Mann Tek and ARTA. 

The KLAW QS Range offers the latest in robust design and the automatic valve open and closure design means there is no spillage on connection or disconnection – preventing costly clean ups.

img-green-tick1  The QS features an easy grip and turn action in both Round and Twin Square handle options. This improves safety and time efficiency.

img-green-tick1  The QS safety locking pin provides additional safety over other Dry Disconnect Coupling options, preventing accidental disconnection. The QS locking pin is fitted as standard on the following sizes: 1 ½” DN40; 2” DN50; 3” DN80; 4” DN100 and is also available as an option for size DN150; 6″.

img-green-tick1  The KLAW Dry Disconnect Coupling Range is fully compliant to NATO/STANAG 3756 so completely interchangeable with other manufacturers.

img-green-tick1  Multiple seal options are available to suit all types of liquids and gases.

img-green-tick1  The QS Range is equally suitable for transfer hose and loading arm applications.

img-green-tick1  The QS is designed with a safety factor of 5:1

img-green-tick1  The KLAW selectivity range is industry standard and is therefore completely compatible with current systems.


Robust design and superior material selection mean that the QS Dry Disconnect Coupling more than a match for demanding operating conditions and the rigours of industrial environments.



If you have a requirement for couplers or related products such as hoses, loading arms or access systems please dont hesitate to get in touch. 



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Drybreak Couplers

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