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At Flotech we have more experience in fuel additive injection systems than anyone else in the market. Many of our engineers gained their experience with Hyrolec and Lubrizol, the pioneers of additive injection in the UK and our service team now supports over 300 injectors in the field. By combining our depth of knowledge with an innovative and forward thinking engineering team, we continue to confidently deliver new and innovative solutions.

The additive systems we design and manufacture are flexible in design and offer a wide variety of component options. Each system is engineered to suit the users current and future additive requirements and to incorporate additive storage, pressurisation and monitoring equipment such as temperature, pressure and flow transmitters.

Additives we build systems for include:

  • Performance enhancing additives
  • NoX reduction additives
  • Marker Dyes
  • Anti-static additives
  • DNA Markers
  • Lead replacement
  • Lubricity enhancers
  • Anti-foaming agents
  • Anti-icing additives
  • Biocides
  • Anti-corrosion additives
  • Denaturing (Ethanol)
  • Detergent additives
  • Exothermic Additives

Plug & Play

At Flotech our philosophy is to complete as much of the build off-site as possible by delivering a skid based solution. The advantages of this approach include;

  • The system can be piped, cabled and flow tested in advance of delivery
  • Snagging is done off-site which minimises site assembly and start-up time
  • Large skids can be built in modular form to allow road transportation
  • Reduced time on site makes the project cheaper, safer and more convenient

All welding, assembly and testing is performed at our fully fitted facility in Hampshire. Quality is assured since all welding, pipework and assembly is performed by qualified and experienced personnel.

Our status as an independent systems integrator means we can work with specific customer specification, budget and lead time requirements where required. In parallel, we hold strategic distribution partnerships with some of the best equipment manufacturers in the industry so where the specification allows we can gain access to industry leading products at competitive rates.

Examples of some of our systems include:

Stand Alone Additive Injection Systemsimg_0564

Stand alone systems are designed to inject one or more additives into a product line, typically using an injection block such as the Flotech FLOBLOCK which is controlled either by an on-skid controller or off-skid PLC or DCS. For larger injection rates, we use our compact piped injector design to provide higher flow rates without the need to significantly increase skid size.

The solutions we deliver are fully customised to suit our customers’ requirements in terms of additive injection rate, footprint and application. We also build stand-alone systems which incorporate additive storage in the Mother/Daughter format.

Our ‘mother/daughter’ skids combine a Stand-Alone Injection System with Integrated Bunded product storage and extended capacity in the form of an IBC. To fill the integral tank, an IBC is positioned on top of the skid which then gravity drains into the tank mounted on the skid below. This type of design helps avoid the chance of running the system dry and allows tank filling during loading.

We have designed systems which inject during loading and offloading of bulk fuels, as well as when filling and emptying individual vehicles. The projects we have undertaken cover a broad spectrum of applications, from Injection of Anti-Icing additive into Jet Fuel to Biocide Treatment during the filling of Bus Fuel Tanks.

image-in-copy-smlLoading Rack Mounted Injection Systems

The majority of fuel terminals make use of loading rack mounted injection systems controlled by a site DCS, PLC or 3rd party controller such as an Accuload or Minpak. We are experienced in all of these systems and our service team maintain over 300 injectors in the field, as well as their respective controllers.

We have the ability to introduce additive injection to loading racks, modify existing systems and supply turnkey solutions including skid mounted loading racks inclusive of additive injection as well as vapour recovery and blending.

Injectors are typically housed on a backplate or within an injection cabinet.

Turbine Driven Injection Systems (TDI)tdi

The Flotech TDI delivers accurate self-powered additive injection, lending itself to installation in remote locations or where power is otherwise unavailable.

The TDI is fitted within the main product line and uses the power of the product flow to drive a turbine. The turbine then drives positive displacement injector heads via a gearbox. As the main product flow varies, the proportional change in speed of the turbine ensures that the rate of injection is adjusted accordingly. The simple mechanical nature of these systems makes them inherently low maintenance.


As well as designing and manufacturing new additive systems, we also service, support modify and refurbish legacy equipment manufactured by Hyrolec, Lubrizol, Enraf, Honeywell and all other equipment manufacturers.



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